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Funding Pot 18-30 year olds anywhere in the UK


In 2021 we allocated over £10,000 and funded over 20 projects, empowering young people to have a voice, uplift communities, take a stand and spark real change. Now it’s your turn!

This is FUEL
Fuel is a pot of money which young people in the Beatfreeks Community aged 18-30 can use to react to social issues that are important to them. Simple applications and quick decisions mean it’s great for work that needs to move quickly in order to have an impact.

We will fund ideas that:
• Try to make a change in the world (however small)
• Respond to recent events or something currently happening
• Will have an impact on people (which may include yourself, your communities, the world etc)
• Are creative and innovative
• Can be achieved within 4 weeks of receiving the fund
• Fit with our values

Who is this for?
• 18-30 year olds anywhere in the UK

How to apply
You can submit an application by completing this form.

Once you've completed this you must send a voice note or a short video summarising your project idea to the Beatfreeks phone (07521 632 819). Please include your name & contact details and a bit about your background and experience.

The voice note or video should be no longer than 5 mins answering the questions written in the form

If you have any issues with applying due to access and inclusion needs, please get in touch with the number provided above.

As long as you tick all of the above criteria, you can apply. Go for it!

FUEL is provided by Beatfreeks and is funded by our partner organisation, EPIC, of the Martin James Foundation.